Teens Being Taught To Be Teachers For The Next Generation


What a way to start off an awesome motivational Monday, with this awesome story coming out of Guatemala and GoodNewsNetwork.org.

The story starts with Reading Village, which according to their website has one simple mission:

Our mission is to empower youth to eradicate illiteracy and lead their communities out of poverty.

…And that’s exactly what they are doing.  With the literacy rate extremely low in Guatemala, the Reading Village is helping to alleviate the problem through a full-cycle concept.  By educating the younger generation, such as teenagers, they hope to inspire them to go on to become teachers for the next generation.

According to Linda Smith, the executive director of Reading Village:

40% of the teens that are instructed by Reading Village go on to start taking classes at university, which then increases family income of employed graduates by 98%. The young leaders are then given valuable leadership tools to use when they continue pursuing their educations and careers. This also creates inter-dependency within the community, rather than continuously relying on outside help.

Read the full article here.

Since its inception back in 2007, Reading Village has trained over 100 teens who are now teaching and educating younger kids in surrounding local communities.  For now there goal is to grow to 35 additional communities by the year 2020.

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WATCH: In Poor Villages, These Teens are Taught to Be the Teachers

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