Teacher Raises Enough Money To Buy the Whole School Bikes

Charleston County School District/Facebook

Katie Blomquist might just be the coolest teacher ever!  She is definitely a hometown hero for students and faculty at North Charleston’s Pepperhill Elementary School, where she works.  Over a year ago, she wanted to raise money for one of the students to get a new bike, but soon after re-thought the idea.  She thought how could she possibly raise money for only just one kid.  So she set out with a goal of raising enough money for the entire student body, regardless of whether they had a bike or not.

In an interview with Today, Katie Blomquist states:

“I started thinking about all the other kids who might not have bikes. We take a lot for granted and we forget that there’s a large category of kids out there who don’t have bikes,” she said. “That was such a large piece of my childhood memories, and I immediately thought, ‘oh, they’re not getting that!’”

The quest started out on GoFundMe and was called “Every Kid Deserves a Bike!”  Katie Blomquist really put herself out there and was sable to garner the support of hundreds of people and raised over $80,000.  Now ever single child has access to their new bikes, and from the sounds of it, everyone wins!

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In her own words and according to the official GoFundMe page the mission of the campaign is as follows:

Every child deserves to have a bike, but, unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity to receive one. I teach at a title 1 school (low income, high poverty) in North Charleston, South Carolina with a student body of about 650 students. I see directly the struggles and the difficult hands in life some children are dealt. Many do not have the chance to visit places outside their immediate community or have a variety of experiences over weekends and the summer; rather, many children solely play on their street with neighborhood kids or strictly watch television.

She is now continuing the giving with her new and larger project called “Going Places”.  Check that out here – https://www.gofundme.com/GoingPlaces2017

Check out an awesome image of the big reveal below:

Charleston County School District/Facebook

For more information and the full interview on Today check it out here.


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