Showers on Wheels: Serving San Fran’s Homeless


This story is such a pleasure to share with all of the EmLifers who make a difference in their communities and empower others. Lava Mae, a San Francisco-based company, is doing it on a major scale! Their mission is to bring hospitality and critical services to the streets, literally. Whether someone can’t afford these services or are homeless, Lava Mae provides some of the most basic things in life that we take for granted, such as showering.

How is this accomplished? Lava Mae takes old public transportation buses and upcycles them into buses that contain showers and clean toilets.

Through all of their efforts and generous work, the organization has brought these critical services, as well as dignity, to over 2,300 people!


Photo Credit: Lava Mae Facebook Page


Their story is absolutely amazing and as is stated on their Facebook page, their core beliefs are truly something to behold:

Our work is rooted in three beliefs:
1. Opportunity unfolds when people are treated with dignity.
2. When it comes to dignity, society has different standards for those with resources vs those who lack them.
3. Delivering radical hospitality – an unexpected level of care – to people moving through homelessness restores dignity, rekindles optimism, and fuels a sense of opportunity.

Be sure to check out Lava Mae on Facebook as well!

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