People Helping People: A Good Samaritan Give Homeless Man Shoes In The Heat


Recently, a volunteer of a food profit of  St. Vincent de Paul, in Arizona, made headlines when he did something amazing that we should all do.  Give back to those who may be less fortunate or in desperate need of physical, emotional or psychological help.  In the story, the volunteer from St. Vincent de Paul’s soup kitchen, spots a man crawling on his hands and feet in the Arizona heat; what happens next is nothing short of a miracle.

The homeless man had socks on his hands and feet, and was crawling to get out of the heat, but needed the socks to protect his hands and feet from being burned on the hot Arizona asphalt.

After noticing this, the good Samartian goes over the the man and not only offers him a par of shoes, but also rinses his feet and hands as well.  If this doesn’t sound like a parable or excerpt out of the Bible, then I don’t know what is.

This is truly such an amazing thing to see happen, and hopefully more of us will empower and employ that strong will to give back and to see others succeed as well as just ourselves.  We can take away a lesson in humility and passion from this man’s truly amazing actions!

Check out the video of the good Samaritan giving the homeless man his own shoes below:

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Signed, Rick Jeffries

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