Neighborhood Good: Helping Out For The Holiday Season


Grab the tissue box for this one! This is one of those stories that is so moving, it may just bring you to tears. Michelle Fadel, of Concord, North Carolina, has one wish for this holiday season, and thanks to the support of her great neighbors her dream will soon be a reality!

Fadel’s doctors recently told her that her cancer spread throughout her body, and further treatment would not help. As a grandmother and loving family woman, she simply wanted to celebrate Christmas as soon as possible. Her husband, Dan Fadel, started early last month – October 8th, to be exact – preparing for the holiday season.

When the neighbors got wind of what was happening, they also stepped up to the plate in such an amazing way. Twelve families on their street decided to put up their Christmas lights and decorations early in a humbling effort to show support and unity with their sick neighbor.

In an interview with Today, Fadel said:

“I’ve always adored Christmas,” Fadel, 56, told TODAY. “I have six grandkids, and I didn’t want them to be cheated out of celebrating with them because of my limited time.” 

With the holidays right around the corner, this story is a reminder of how we should keep our friends and family close.

Be sure to let us know of a time you did something positive in someone’s life, or a time someone did something nice for you. Let’s spread the spirit and love of the holiday season; even if it is a little early.

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