Making Yourself A Priority


Oprah had a life coach in the 90s who said something that stirred the studio audience as well as suburban moms at their homes.

First she questioned the audience by commanding them to make a list of all the priorities in their lives. Second, she asked a daring question, “Where are you on that list?” 

She suggested that, “You should be the number one priority on your list.”

What was the audience’s response? They booed. But before they finished Oprah told them to hold on and asked them why they booed. Oprah stated, “It doesn’t mean that others are kicked off your list when you put yourself first.”

The 90’s were just two decades ago, we are past that time right?

Have you made a list of priorities? Who and what should be on your list?

Moms will say they are not number one on that list.

If you are not number one on that list here is what you are missing.

You cannot give what you do not possess or have the power to possess.

Giving yourself to the world without taking care of yourself is like giving your stunt double the opportunity to walk out of the door and start the day.

It’s not selfish; in fact it’s taking responsibility.

If you mess up it’s your fault, not what you choose do to first, your priority should be you.

Photo Credit:
frank mckenna