Making EmLife Work For You


Thank you for taking time to visit You could be on any website right now, but you chose us, and that’s special. We hope we can serve you, make your days a little better and prepare your life for empowerment.

Since this is a fairly new concept, and many of you have made your way here because you’re a fan of Mike Chang or maybe caught us on social media, we want to give you a tour of the place. Make yourself comfortable, breathe in deep and get ready for the start of a beautiful life together!

Em What?

There is absolutely no reason for us to reinvent the Dharma Wheel, so if you are not at all familiar with the ideas and method behind EmLife, make your way to Mike’s EmLife 101, peek at our YouTube videos on the same themes or just be surprised from this point forward.

Our ultimate goal is to help people live their best lives by empowering themselves. There is a great deal we will learn as a community on how empowerment is created, implemented, improved and shared. You’re a key component of what we do, and without you, there is no EmLife.

EmLife Promise #1: we are not trying the sell you anything. We do not have a product to buy, a service to provide or a special plan to purchase. Our future may bring about a premium item or interaction in the future, but as we start this adventure with you, we do not have a digital marketplace, an app or anything similar. You will determine if we eventually market a product.

It’s smart to be cynical when you come to a site like this one. Mike Chang founded a business, Sixpack Shortcuts, known for smartly advertising its multitude of videos and supplements. Nothing but respect for the men and women in Mike’s previous venture, we are a company with a purpose, but it is not to make as much money as possible off of you.


The resources we create are the heart of the EmLife. Let us briefly highlight what you can expect on this site in the coming weeks.

Every blog post, social media share, podcast, etc., will have a central theme during a given each week. For example, we might devote a week to improving your relationships with difficult people, and you will see and hear this idea in all pieces we post.

We are creators first and foremost, and you will see creativity and care given to each of the following:

  • Mike Chang Blog: each Monday, Mike will show the love with his #MikesMemorandum. The topics will range, but Mike’s amazing ability to connect to each of us will be on full display.
  • Guest Writers: our friends and family mean the world to us, and if it weren’t for them, we might not have had the foundation to start this site. You’ll see articles from people who play a large role in our daily lives, and even our newest friends who are experts in the areas that champions. This site may be the brainchild of Mike Chang, but he doesn’t want it to be about him, and you’ll see that in the writings and video content.
  • EmLife Podcast: We love podcasts! There are countless shows we subscribe to and enjoy individually, but there is one we have a passion for above all others: the new EmLife podcast. It will debut very soon, and with it, you will have the opportunity to hear an interesting take on the topics that define the EmLife. The format is simple: Mike Chang is a student of empowerment and living the best life possible. Dave has let himself get caught in a cycle of poor health and anxiety-driven choices. Mike serves as a teacher/student who helps Dave and you improve in numerous areas of opportunity. Plus, they will have guests share their stories and strategies for empowerment.
  • YouTube: Mike is known by many of you as the “#1 Fitness Trainer on YouTube.” Though he is not training bodies here, he definitely will be training your mind as you train your body. Mike will continue to produce fresh, affirming videos that allow you to further learn and grow with the EmLife community. These videos, as well as exclusives to, will be available on this site weekly.
  • Social Media: We will step up our social game in the coming weeks to ensure you are never disconnected from the tips, tricks and practices EmLife has to offer. Beyond the normal uses of these accounts, we will use them for live videocasts, giveaways and so much more.

This is only the beginning! We promise to make the best place to learn, grow and empower. We cannot wait to serve you!