Library Book Returned 35 Years Late Signed By Author And With A $200 Check


This is one of those stories that makes you giggle a little on the inside, but ultimately is a display of good character and honesty.

The Great Falls Public Library in Great Falls, Montana was surprised when they received a secret package.  Inside was more than just an old library book being returned (35 years late), but a really inspiring act of character.  The anonymous person not only sent back the book, but added a few things to spice it up a little, and potentially avoid even more scrutiny :).

According to an article on

Enclosed with the book was a $200 check and an apology note written by the person who had stolen it 35 years ago.

The note detailed how the misdeed had been nagging the person’s mind for so long, they were now hoping for forgiveness after taking great pains to look after the book.

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After reading the novel, Bid Time Return over 25 times, which isn’t bad over 35 years, he actually got it signed by Richard Matheson (the author), a $200 check (which should ocver any late fees), and even went to the extent of professionally restoring the book, possibly better than when he initially “borrowed it”.

Overall this story isn’t really about the Library fees or the book itself, rather the underlying message of being honest and a genuinely good person.  Most people, including myself at times, would not take this opportunity to right a wrong that undeniably would never have come up.  There was no reason to return it out of fear of fees or legal action, but the principle of doing what is right.

We can all learn to be a little more honest and show a little class more often, when in awkward or tense situations!

Signed, Rick


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