Empowered Spotlight: FOUR PAWS International


Empowering others is exactly what we are all about here at EmLife.com.  Sometimes that empowerment comes in the form of humans giving back to our four-legged, furry friends.  That is exactly the case here with FOUR PAWS International  vet Ovidiu, who recently was able to free Letea from the chains that were placed on her.

In parts of Romainia, it is a common practice to add these chains to the front of hind legs of the horses, in order to prevent them from running away.  Unfortunately this practice is not ideal, and comfortable for the horses, and as is proof from this video, releasing the chains literally gives the horses a new lease on life.

Enjoy this amazingly adorable video and touching moment where Letea thanks Ovidiu in a very special way.

WATCH:  FOUR PAWS heroes: How a wild horse thanks its savior

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Signed, Rick Jeffries

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