Empowered Living It Up

Mike Chang meditates by a lake

How old are you? For some, that is too scary a question, and you have no desire to even give it a thought. Others are young enough that they feel they’ll live forever or the passage of time will never affect them. Still many are just fine with sharing their ages because they are fully in sync with themselves.

Let me pose the question differently …

Do you act your age? No matter the number assigned to you by the cosmic scales of time, or birth certificate, are you living a life where you fully accept the weight of all the expectations placed upon you?

From a rather early age, we are told to take responsibility and act our age. And yet, when we get older and are considered an adult, the idea of acting one’s age is replaced by feeling our age, rather than acting it.

No, the above video (which you can also find on Mike Chang’s Youtube Channel) is not about making you feel old or like a kid. Rather, it challenges us to empower our lives by acting our spiritual age (my term, not Mike’s or any other reputable expert).

ChangNotes: Remember Kids, Empower Responsibly

An empowered living model is one where we give ourselves “authority to make choices,” and these choices lead to outcomes – foreseen or unforeseen. When we refuse to embrace our responsibility to ourselves, then we often fall into the role of the victim who has lost control.

Losing control is actually never giving ourselves control.

Empowered living is all about responsibility. When we are responsible for our actions and own what we do, then we can control the ebb and flow of life around us more readily. Understand, this does not mean everything will always go our way, but if you follow Mike’s line of thinking, then you will come out on top more times than not.

Taking responsibility is great, but until we believe we are responsible for outcomes, then it’s useless. Belief and ownership go together in a way that once they are executed simultaneously, you gain a new awareness that you to that point never knew or expected in your life.

As Mike puts it, our lives are made up of three key activities: Thinking, Feeling and Doing. Many of us – and I fall into this category – spend so much time debating the Doing, that we give little attention to the Thinking and Feeling. As Mike explains, when all three are fused, then you are aware and able to succumb to empowered living.

Mike wraps up this illuminating discussion with a thumbnail sketch of vibrational frequencies. As he sees it, we are thinking all the time – some estimates put it at 60K-70K thoughts a day, with very few retained – and need to realize how our frequencies set a course for our daily lives.

The idea of frequencies may not be new to you, but I must take responsibility and study them more to be able to discuss it intelligently. I know firsthand that Mike plans to elaborate on these themes, as well as many others, moving forward.

Dave’s 1-Cent: If I Gave You 2, I’d Be Broke

Of all the videos so far, this one and Mike’s talk on Completion vs. Perfection, really spoke to me. As an attempt to be playful in these posts, I try to be funny and sarcastic about my friend’s videos (even though I respect the heck out of him), but I am serious this time around.

When I asked about your age at the top of the article, it was my way of grabbing you for a second and have you make your way to this point to determine why I asked about it in the first place. Here’s the reason …

Many adults around the world – especially in westernized countries, and more likely than not, men – are stuck in a perpetual state of adolescence. We don’t feel like the adult in the room. I have children and often feel like I’m only a few short years older. But I’m not.

It all connects to the principles of awareness and responsibility. Playing the blame game and expecting others to do the hard thinking for us will eventually lead to us feeling stuck, unhappy and disappointed.

Fortunately, for those younger, older and all points in between, we have the choice to control our destinies, but it will never happen for us. We must test ourselves and take responsibility.

I understand that we have some amazing readers who have been through horrific and/or heroic events in their lives that make such a post seem impossible to relate. For each person who reads this post, there are countless numbers of you who have overcome the unthinkable, and to you we say, thank you for being you and motivating us to improve our lives.

Regardless of your life’s history, you still owe it to yourself and the people around you to take ownership of your life and stop allowing life to simply happening. Acting your spiritual age is maybe the one instance where being considered “old” isn’t such a bad thing!