EmLife 101


Hey guys, it’s Mike! I hope each of you are having a better than great day. Life is good, but few of us can honestly say that day in and day out because we have given the power of our lives away.

Whether to other people, addiction, the past, jobs, perfectionism or whatever owns your joy, we allow ourselves to get stuck and lose precious time. How? We let life happen and we watch it as spectators. This stark reality is avoidable and easily fixed with one simple idea: empowerment. An empowered person is a person who takes control, not for their own betterment, but for the betterment of their lives and the world around them.

That’s why I came up with EmLife.

How to “Have the (em)Power!” (said in your best He-Man voice)

A simple definition of the EmLife is to empower your real self as you create your life of joy your way. Even more simple – Living the EmLife means to live your life your way.
The first step: give yourself permission to be empowered.

First things first. I am not an expert on enlightenment, empowerment, meditation, vibrations or anything we will discuss and learn together. There are many subjects I have amassed a lot of knowledge on, but I have a long way to go.

With that said, I have found that having a willing fellow student point out the good and bad of her or his journey as you start your own is a powerful tool.
If I get it wrong, don’t go far enough or do anything you feel we need to discuss further, let me know. My personal email is MikeChang@emlife.com. Also, discuss it in the comments section.

Remember: we are about positivity, empowerment and joy. I will not answer your negativity with negativity. (And keep your expectations on my replies within reason – I am the person answering hopefully many emails!)

Here we go!

You are an important person who should have the power to control your destiny and make the most of the beautiful life you live. For this to be possible at its highest level, your mind and thoughts must be empowered. This requires a lot of you and hinges on how you allow your journey to unfold.

You are an important person who should have the power to control your destiny and make the most of the beautiful life you live. For this to be possible at its highest level, your mind and thoughts must be empowered. This requires a lot of you and hinges on how you allow your journey to unfold.

Are you the type of person who doubts yourself all of the time? Would you rather avoid risk rather than face it? Does the uncertainty in life cause you anxiety, worry, more self-doubt and physical/emotional pain?

If you answered “yes” to all or most of these, then you are stuck in an infinite loop where life is often lived in spite of you. Before you think I’m judging you, know that I am still working out these issues on myself.

We’re in this together, my friend!

Empowering Your Watch – Real Joy Takes Time

The first principle we must grasp: Everything is better than we can ever imagine!

It feels great reading or typing those words, but it’s an entirely different thing to actually believe them. Plus, once you believe this central principle, you immediately realize that if you are stuck in a loop of no power, then it will take time and patience to fully embrace it.

EmLife.com is not about me. This site will eventually be the meeting place of a community of seekers who hope to take their lives to the next level. However, the best examples and anecdotes I can share often revolve around me and my awakening. I promise not to always draw from my personal story.

My first time working out as a child was purely motivated by the negativity that often surrounded me. Not to get too deep, but my parents split up at an early age; I was picked on in school and in my neighborhood; and I didn’t live a very healthy lifestyle as a kid.

As we all know, the stuff in our heads as children can stick with us for the rest of our lives. It’s human nature to dwell in the past and live based upon the decisions we made back in the day.

Still today, I struggle not to be bothered by my need to prove myself to myself. It’s a lot easier than it once was for me, but believe me, the cliche is true: old habits die hard!

Empowered Feelings and State of Being

We ultimately want to be happy. Our minds are programmed to seek Joy, Love, Compassion, Enthusiasm and Passion. This is not because we are looking for out-of-the-ordinary experiences – happiness, and all the other awesome feelings that come with it, make up our NORMAL state of being.

The problem may of us face is that we live in a constant state of fear, and only rarely witness the positive side. Remember: our true nature, a.k.a., our real selves, are comprised of the energy and vibrations of LOVE an/or JOY.

Who Left the Body Out? Who? Who? Who?

Even though our bodies are naturally inclined to move toward love and joy, we clog up the works with all the negative stuff we let in. That requires us to reprogram ourselves in order for our bodies to both have and keep empowered feelings.

When we fully dive into a 24/7, unending pursuit of high energy and vibrations, we must realize that our bodies must be prepared and ready. A body not familiar with the power that surges through us when we are living right will be unable to handle the energy and high vibrations.

I have a friend who is a part of the EmLife team, Dave. He is a great example of how our bodies must be ready to take on the strain of getting into shape physically. He’s going to share his story a great deal soon, but he was so out of shape that he didn’t know how to walk properly, breathe normally and handle the strain of working out regularly.

His buddy, Eric, had to start at square one with David and help him build up from nothing. Dave is not morbidly obese or sedentary, but he was not challenging himself physically.
The same can be said for our feelings and state of being. Committing to a life of happiness and health takes practice. There will be breakthroughs and celebrations. In the same regard, there will be setbacks and frustrations.

For any of us who have tried to lose weight, we know that there are weeks – especially when we first start and the simplest changes make big differences – where we are melting away. Sadly, there are other weeks when we do the same exact regimen and we gain weight and lose a little hope.

Imagine for a minute focusing holistically on correcting your inner and outer pains. Instead of just dealing with too much tension, heaviness, density, stiffness or rigidity in your body, you fought to overcome what ails you.

The body must be able to physically move and flow for the energy and vibration to do the good stuff inside our bodies. It’s great for the body to be loose, light and relaxed for our feelings and state of being to expand toward enlightenment and joy

If your body is not very healthy, then it cannot reach AND maintain high vibrational frequencies (we will get into the full definition of vibrations and frequencies soon – just know they’re important and necessary). If we can’t reach high frequencies, then it becomes more difficult to stay on track and practice.

There are many among us who seek empowerment, but if we never catch a hint of it, we might only believe in this blissful joyous feeling, but never truly really know it. To know something, one must experience it, even for a short period of time.

Please be aware: outside substances often come into play for those who just want to experience bliss and joy for at least one passing second. And yes, there are certain chemicals and materials that can give you a temporary euphoria, but that’s not the way to go. Dependency only limits your ability to truly connect with the person you are meant to be for the rest of your life.

Empowered Action Stars

How does an empowered person create a life of her or his choosing?

Every time we think of something in our heads, we send a vibrational frequency that’s equal to the thought we just had. Research shows that we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. They range of the important to the mundane, and we are aware of few of them.

Around 90% of our daily 60k of thoughts are the same ones as the day before. This is known in some circles by different names: the “program,” “habit,” “reaction pattern” and even the “matrix.”

The EmLife is about doing this next thing, and doubters be damned!

If we want something to happen in our lives, we need to think it and then possess the faith that it will happen no matter how hard or unlikely it seems.

If we believe a thought will happen, it will. If we believe a thought won’t happen, it will not. Our beliefs control our destinies. If we devote some of our best thoughts from the pool of 60K to making our dreams come true, then those will be the most important thoughts of our lifetime.

(I feel my inbox filling up after the last section. I do not fault you for skepticism and doubt, but do me a favor, recognize that I understand the dark side of such thinking. We will explore that with you soon, but we want to give you the basics before we go all in together.)

Let It Go, Hakuna Matata and Wishing Upon Stars

When we constantly think about something we want to happen, it is vital to let it go and not be attached to the thought. The way the outcome makes you feel ultimately is more important than the outcome itself.

For example, let’s pretend I want a 2017 yellow, twin-turbo, Lamborghini, with red rims. If this were true, and to put the above thoughts into practice, instead of constantly focusing on the actual car, I should focus on how it would feel to have this car. My focus must be on the excitement of flying down the race track, and seeing the awe on people’s faces when I’m cruising by.

Why focus on the feeling over the outcome? Let’s say that instead of receiving the car of my dreams, I’m fortunate enough to find a beautiful, 2012 super-charged. We can agree by the description alone that these are different vehicles. However, at a cheaper price point, and still capable of many of the feats possible in the Lambo, I must make a decision.

Do I only set my sights on the exact car and its exact specifications? Or do I recognize that the feeling behind the wheel and the power this feeling allows is far more important than the actual car?

At least half the time, what we think we want is not really what we want. We think we want this or that, but we soon realize that these are more akin to lust than love. Nothing more, nothing less.

We don’t know what’s good for us all the time. It’s like our choice in our friends, jobs, or activities. We may think we have it all figured out, but as we look deeper, we find the real reasons we chose it in the first place. You guessed it: the way our friends, jobs, activities and material things make us feel.

For best results, our feelings and thoughts must be tightly aligned when we speak and think them. Our bodies must be part of this alignment, as well. The human body is like a magnet. Feelings and emotions determine what we magnetize. If my thought is of love, but my feeling is of fear, then I won’t magnetize that thought and manifest it back to me. This is due to differing vibrational frequencies.

Love magnetizes love. Fear magnetizes fear. The only way I can manifest a thought is if my feeling has the same vibration as said thought.

Examples from the Frequencies of Life

“I want to find love in my life.“

If we take all the words above and compress them into actionable steps, then you must first … anyone? Anyone? Matthew Broderick? (We don’t have rights to use the name of the movie that portrays his day off–icially not in school.)

We must feel the love of the person we hope to connect with as if it already happened. Then, as we express this feeling, we must think and say, “I want to find love in my life.” Take the thought and feeling and put it into actual words said out loud.

The effect is that you will magnetize, or “attract,” events and people with the same vibrational frequencies. So if what you feel is also what you think, then your frequencies are aligned and solidly in your favor.

Make yourself aware of how feeling and thinking can work together to bring you results. Your internal energy levels determine the power of our magnets. When we physically feel and have high amounts of energy, this magnetizes and attracts our thoughts quickly. The higher the energy output, the faster it will come to you.

The amount of energy in our bodies also determines the amount we magnetize back. Higher energy = the MORE we attract. Your energy level determines what you bring back, and how much/how fast your thoughts-manifested come back to you (“thoughts-manifested” is a term for the thing/event that happens from a thought).

Our energy levels are not determined by if they are positive or not. We can easily have high energy in our hate, or high energy in our love. No matter what, if we have high energy, whatever it may be that we seek or send out, it will come back fast and plentiful.

In order for the body to have the capabilities to hold a high amount of energy, it must be healthy. The biological chemistry in our bodies must support this or we will not have empowered feelings OR high amounts of energy.

The EmLife.com Empower Guide

The title of this section may raise expectations a little too far since we have a lot to lean together, but we give you the basics here, and then we will expand on them in the upcoming weeks and months.

Action Steps of Empowerment:

Take Action all the time; even non-action is a form of action. We constantly take action no matter if it’s doing something or not. They are both necessary.
Examples of Taking Action: getting a ton of work done, working out for 30 minutes, posting content and doing research on social media. (By the way, check us out on Instagram and Twitter).
Examples of Non-Action: meditating for 30 minutes a day, taking the weekend off and avoiding social media for a day or two.
Different people face different challenge in acting/not acting. Some people do too much work and never stop. Their action should be to STOP work and have a break. Others are so familiar with not doing that they need help taking action instead. It’s important to identify which person you are right now.

Our team practices what we share on EmLife. Many of us challenge ourselves to meditate, read and focus on breath work. If we didn’t intentionally do so, it wouldn’t happen and we would be stuck in our work for too much time, exhausting ourselves and emptying our energy reserves.

This is a great deal to take in for our first article on what living the EmLife can do for you. This is only the start, there is a lot to come and we promise you will soon find the language and ideas here will become second nature for the enlightened mind.

Peace to each of you, and I look forward to visiting with you again very soon! Don’t forget to email me – mikechang@emlife.com – or hit us up on social media!