Being Effective and Efficient: 6 Tips to Get Things Done


What Does Your Attitude Say (or Do)

Having a positive attitude and being passionate is what keeps people going though long days of stress. It is important to not only find passion in what you want to but also what you need to do. It will eventually lead your way of life. Your kindliness and gratitude are what causes your daily events to unfold, are you passionate about being a good person?

Have Intentions for Yourself

It is proven that writing your goals down vs remembering them is more effective. When you write everything, you have to do it is easier to break each goal down mentally (or on paper!). If you get to log your goals then you are able to look back at what you could do. Doing this will let you see how you are finish what you once thought was impossible.

Schedule Priorities

Every day before I leave work I write my schedule down the next day. If I do not have any significant events I stay longer until I create more work for myself. The entire purpose of this is to create an equal work/life balance.

By writing down your priorities you are able to tackle your more important tasks early when you have the brain power and patience for them.

15 minute Chunks

Focus on one priority for 15 minutes and clear your entire schedule for that time. 900 seconds is a lot of time to get 1 task done, isn’t it?

Give a Little Get a Little

Take a few chunks out of your day and make room for desert. Relax after you’ve been running around trying to figure whether you should go for that second cup of coffee or clean your desk.


Life is everchanging and so are your tasks. Re-write your tasks. Log what you have accomplished, maybe it will not be a priority tomorrow.


Photo Credit:

Ivan Timov