How Eating to Live Saved My Life


You must be thinking “how could that save your life?” Well, it saved my life in the sense that changing what I eat, affected my mental health and how I feel all together. My life has changed for the better and this is how and why it saved me.

Do you eat a ton of meat and constantly feel weighed down or have a lack of energy? I used to, I was eating medium rare prime rib along with just about any tasty cut of meat you could think of and wondered why I felt that way along with not being able to use the restroom and not being able to use the bathroom was the last straw!  So it came to the point where I was looking for different ways to feel better stomach wise as well as helping my struggle with mental health. I had been diagnosed with ADD, obsessive compulsive disorder along with an anxiety disorder, later in life in my twenties I took a trip to the mental hospital for suicidal thoughts and was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. I read that eating certain foods can help fight the disorder; a friend suggested cutting meat from my diet and see if that helps because of the hormones and chemicals in meat might be messing with the chemical make up of my brain. It would also help me have an awareness of what I am putting in my body to fuel it. I also started reading labels of everything I put in my body and was amazed at all of the ingredients that were not even recognizable, is it a food, a chemical, what is it? That scared me, is that why my body is always dragging and not functioning properly?

Yes! Yes, that’s exactly why I constantly felt horrible and had to take a lot medications for my bi-polar disorder. I had no clue the chemicals I was consuming and how they were affecting every part of my life. I quit meat altogether except for fish and eggs and immediately felt different, my attitude turned to being mediocre and sad to happy and motivated. I started losing weight which was not even part of the plan, but I said cool, I am feeling better. After that I dropped gluten, and the bloat in my stomach went away and flatulence became nonexistent. Weight started melting off, I was sleeping better and my outlook on life turned to positivity and thoughts of happiness. I even went to my psychiatrist and asked to lower the levels of the medications that I had been taking for bi-polar disorder, anxiety and depression. I let her know about my diet changes and how I have not had any suicidal thoughts or any bi-polar manic episodes since I changed my diet.  She agreed to lower the doses of medications and she continued to lower the doses after that. It has been almost two years since I have made my lifestyle change and I continue to progress in all ways concerning my health!

So if you make a few changes in your life great things can happen to you too! If it was not for the changes I made in my life I would still be in that constant cycle of heading to the mental hospital for another suicidal thought for having no hope in life. Eating to live saved my life and it can help you too.