Can Yoga Help Treat PTSD?


The United States Military is starting to partake in yoga to help treat soldiers of Post-traumatic Stress disorder claims a therapist meditation trainer Stephanie Lopez at the Global Brain Health and Performance Summit.

As of 2010 the military has used that the use of yoga based meditation or integrative restoration. Lopez helped develop a program to help stressed soldiers and it is now being used at more than 50 Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals as well as active-duty setting/

For the solders she said that meditation helps bring out a sort of deep self-awareness, mindfulness, that can helps create a therapeutic basis for reducing the symptoms of PTSD. Since traumatized soldiers are dealing with stress she claims, ““We can meet difficult emotions, difficult memories, and difficult experiences through meditation,” she explained.”

Lopez goes on to say with her partners whom conclude the have made integrative restoration trama-sensitive in the course turning yoga to a military use practice. She also says, ““Those that study yoga understand that yoga is a path of meditation, and it’s a path to understanding ourselves, in our wholeness.”

Lopez explains that yoga’s efficiency has a scientific foundation. Numerous studies from neuroscientists have suggested a link between yoga practice and improved cognitive function. For her PTSD patients she claims, “ The research shows that through meditation the amygdala actually shrinks and the hippocampus is actually growing, also “And we’re reconnecting new neuronal connections to bring them back online in a healthy way.” 

Based on scientific proof yoga stimulates the brain and treats patients.

Photo Credit:

Marion Michele