Community in Cambodia Helps Free a Herd of Elephants Trapped in Bomb Crater


Well guys!  Here’s the Elephant in the room; well technically 11 Elephants!  This is such a cool and motivating story, that is literally larger than life.  We often times hear of cool relationships between humans and animals, but this story is just so touching!

A total of 11 Elephants can be very thankful for this amazing community of willing people in Cambodia.

Elephants are known to love water, and to think about it honestly, the majority of what I think about when thinking of elephants, are the images of them bathing (See Below)


But unfortunately things would not go as smoothly as the picture above illustrates.

Unfortunately in the war torn country of Cambodia, there are still very real signs and damage from what has happened.  Normally this effects the humans and the animals, but in this case the people were able to save them.  When the crater of a bomb dropped from a B-52 filled up with water recently, a herd of elephants decided it was time to hit the pool, a muddy one at that.

The crater had filled up with so much mud from the water and dirt, that the herd actually got stuck. Not knee high, but all the way in!!! (See Below)


Oh No!!!  The elephants were trapped!

Watch the entire rescue, caught on video below:

WATCH: Community Rallies To Free Elephant Herd Trapped In Muddy Bomb Crater


Check out some full sized images below of Elephants in their natural environment; near or in water!

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