Seeing Is Believing! So Is Being Good! Blind Teen Offered Menu in Braille at Red Robin


This is one of those stories that you might just need a tissue for by the end.  So prepare yourself.

According to Alyssa, who has since received over 100k+ Retweets on twitter,

“[Her] sister has been in this world for 18 yrs and today is the first time she has been offered a menu at a restaurant”.  At first, it may sound like a small feat, however it reminds us of the blessings we often time overlook, or allow to fly by without fully understanding the meaning.  In this case, Alyssa’s sister Annalicia, who is blind, has normally stuck to the basic foods that she knows well when ordering out due to the fact that she isn’t able to read the full menu.

As difficult as this may sound, a Red Robin location in Grove City Ohio has truly taken doing good to a whole new level.  When Alyssa, Annalicia, their brother, and their grandmother entered a Red Robin and sat down for a normal dinner, they were pleasantly surprised.  Normally eating out for the family is difficult, with the clear disadvantages as well as people staring and whispering.  This time around they were presented with a menu for Annalicia in braille.

Now it was time!  Annalicia could finally allow her taste buds to explore new things; and boy did she!  Instead of the normal chicken tenders and fries, Annalicia ordered the delicious chicken teriyaki burger.  She even mentioned in a recent interview “Honestly, it was the best sandwich I’ve ever had”.

Check out the original post from “Alyssa below:

In an interview with the Huffington Post, she states:

“I don’t think [able-bodied people] think much about people with disabilities and how one simple [gesture] can mean a lot to them, [some people on Twitter] have realized how privileged they are to have sight. Some have wondered why there isn’t a braille menu at every restaurant.”

Read the full interview and other excerpts on the Huffington Post here.


This other response to the original tweet from Alyssa essential sums it all up in a nutshell:

So go out there today. Be Empowered and also be grateful! If you don’t allow the blessings in your life to manifest themselves, then you are truly missing out!

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