Awesome Kid’s $16,000 Part-Time Job


Talk about some motivation for your Monday!  When I was 11 years old, I definitely wqashed a couple of cars and mowed some lawns for some allowance, but Dylan Orthman has taken it to a whole different level.  This young entrepreneur and philanthropist isn’t just keeping the money for himself.  His cause of choice is helping the victims of the tornado of Moore, Oklahoma.

To date, Dyllon Orthman has actually raised $16,000 for the victims, and the world is getting wind of it, as evidence by being featured on ABC News.  In the short time-frame of two months, Dyllon was able to mow over 90 lawns during his summer vacation and has proven that anything we set our minds to can be accomplished, with some good hard work and dedication.

This is a constant reminder and motivator that we as a people are never too young or too old to do good everyday in our world and local communities.  We should look to Dyllons’ humbling actions as a guide for how we can constantly help empower one another to create a happier and healthier world!  Big kudos to this young kind-hearted boy that is warming up our hearts for this holiday season!

WATCH: Dyllon Orthman, 11, has mowed nearly 90 lawns on his summer vacation to help victims in Moore, Okla.

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Signed, Rick Jeffries

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