Alistair Brownlee – The Humble Triathlete

alistair brownlee

When Alistair Brownlee was moments away from winning the final race of the World Triathlon Series in Cozumel he showed his true colors.  With the finish line in sight and a solid chance at the number 1 position, he assisted another athlete that was experiencing the effects of dehydration.  Ironically, and it only makes the story that much more amazing, the injured athlete was his brother Jonny.

alistair brownleePhoto Credit:  Adolf Boluda

Jonny and Alistair were moments away from potentially finishing at the top together, when out of nowhere, Jonny begins to stagger and fall to the side.  His brother Alistair notices this and immediately goes to his side and wraps his arm around his brother.  What happens next is absolutely inspiring.  Alistair not only runs to his brothers side, they finished the race together and didn’t lose too many positions in the process.  He even allowed his brother Jonny to cross the finish line before himself.

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“If it had happened to anyone, I would have helped them across the line,” Alistair told The New York Times. “It’s an awful position to be in. If he conked out before the finish there, and there isn’t medical support, it was a dangerous position to be in.”

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