About EmLife

Mike Chang


Mike Chang poses by the lake.Mike Chang is a motivational speaker, fitness trainer and life coach who has helped thousands of people transform their lives. Since his start on YouTube in 2010, Mike earned worldwide recognition for his simplistic approach to personal and physical transformation. While leading his previous organization, Sixpack Shortcuts, Mike taught and encouraged more than 4 million subscribers on his way to becoming the most subscribed fitness trainer on YouTube. With over 500 million views and 300,000+ customers who took a journey of self improvement through his programs and video series, Mike has clearly established himself as one of the most successful and influential fitness experts on the planet.

Mike’s training and personal growth continues to evolve, but one element remains constant – every positive change in his life, body and business follows a positive change in his mind. He realized the millions of people who sought his advice to change their bodies and overall lives had to first transform their way of thinking and interacting with the world around them.

Mike has dedicated his life to helping people achieve their desired goals by teaching empowerment of the mind, positive thinking, overcoming fear and stress and achieving a constant state of joy and happiness.

Rick Jeffries


Rick Jeffries is an avid blogger, lover of new things and proud owner of a 3-year old Siberian Husky.  When he’s not being chased around by his husky, Snowgo, he is working hard developing, growing and marketing businesses both domestically and internationally.

From Fortune 500 brands to startup entrepreneurs around the world, Rick Jeffries brings a fresh new approach to marketing and internet strategy.  It is the “Good” in his business ethics and knowledge of industry that make him a great leader.

Rick is dedicated to giving back, while also exploring his own journey through empowerment.