3 ways to stay rejuvenated and primed for life


Life will throw curveballs at you and change up the playbook so it helps to be ten steps ahead of everything. The more you are connectedat the joint of the tree the more fruitful the rewards.

Use your 3rd eye and 6th sense

The more you see everything from every level and dimension the more you’re able to wrap your head around the plethora and library of knowledge this world has to offer. A mind that not being used is wasted and an idle mind is lucifer’s playground! Try to maximize every token and beacon of wisdom you can and connect every point of view to get the big picture.

Test all the waters

Always keep your head above water, but don’t be so scared to drown that you peninsula yourself away from other bodies of water. Discover more foreign and alienated seas and trenches to draw inspiration from and feed them lakes and rivers into gulfs of oppertunities.

Stay cool and relax, but don’t isolate yourself of an oasis just because its somewhere you’re not familiar with! With that being said don’t sell yourself short of any experience you could have!

Eat and exercise in order to keep your body tuned up

What’s the point of having inherited and accumulating wealth without being able to enjoy it? There’s a word from the wise that echoes something to the tune of health is wealth. If you’re ill and struck with sickness and disease you can’t enjoy an alpha romeo or a luxurious and spacious condo? Stay healthy and fit to inflate the breath you do have because you’re not going to live forever and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, but it helps and can be valuable reinsurance to know that your vessel is in tip top shape to beat the odds.

You don’t want to be in the hospital more time than you are on vacation!